What makes Lebanese food so different from other food style?

Lebanese cuisine , with its spices , herbs and colorful presentations, is a fusion of traditional and modern. The prominent ingredients used in Lebanese cuisine include yoghurt, onion, garlic, pomegranate, chickpeas, bulgur and for its unique taste- powdered thyme.

The most prominent dishes in Lebanese cuisine are Lebeniye prepared with chickpeas and yogurt: chickpea paste with fried onions, Falafel and bean paste Maluf. Frequently mentioned in gastronomy world with its appetizers as well, especially hummus, thyme salad and eggplant paste are the prominent dishes of Lebanese cuisine.

 Most of the appetizers are usually consumed with lavash. The cuisine, preferring desserts made with sweet syrup rather than milk, is quite ambitious for its baklava, kanefah prepared with salt-less cheese and kadayif(shredded wheat dessert). Rather than in dinners, Lebanese people prefer to eat dessert during breakfast or in the afternoon accompanied with coffee. In addition, cardamom mirra that they drink with dessert is an indispensable refreshment.


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