Lebanese food is a cuisine that should definitely be on your radar. There are not many eating experiences that can match dipping a hot pita into a mass of smoky baba ghanouj. And , in London, you won’t find a better place serving you the best Lebanese food than Rions. London hasn’t always been such a vibrant melting pot of different cultures.

It wasn’t until the escalation of the civil war in Lebanon in the mid 1970s that thousands of Lebanese people were forced to move to the city in search of a new life. Displaced from their homes, many sought to create their own idea of Lebanon through various restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bakeries purveying the dishes they grew up eating.

This benefitted both the Lebanese people as well as the British natives. Exotic spices such as cardamom, za’atar and saffron were introduced to the British people.The British palate soon found itself embracing these flavours. Hummus has since become part of the nation’s culinary and cultural lexicon.As a cultural meeting point between the Mediterranean and Arab worlds, Lebanon is itself no stranger to a clash of convention, having successfully bridged the gap between the two cultures and earned its moniker as the “Switzerland of the Middle East” back in the ’60s. We’re a while away from the ’60s now, but if you do want to experience some of the best Lebanese food that London has to offer in 2019, we recommend that you look no further than Rions.

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